Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear blogging world I struggle. I check everyones regularly but never seem to have time to type, or for that matter take pictures. I'm a rock star I'll tell you what :) Lets see since I last updated the world of my oh so fabulous life I have had nothing of real importance happen. I lead a very exciting life you see the life of the leader of the little people :) We are loving life and enjoying the summer. Andrew is getting ready to start first grade holy nuts huh!!! He will be at school all day, I wont lie for one second I am nervous! He played soccer with some neighborhood kids. So fun. There are tons of boys and like two girls his age in our neighborhood so if I ever get over myself he will hopefully have friends to play with (I hate being nervous to call people it's the lamest thing ever!) He jumps on our newly aquired trampoline daily, possibly hourly :) It seriously is so so nice, and is a master xbox player. We need to work on our reading, and writing again before school starts in a month so if anyone has fun ideas let me know. Oh and we invested in a pee alarm and he is doing awesome with his nights. He is a super fantastic kid. Berkelee is very three and we love it :) (do you believe me) She did amazing with school last year so we are going back to Miss Angie again this next year. She is all signed up for school and dance and cant wait for the summer to be over so she can't back into them (and so she can dress McKinlee- with her fabulous fashion sense who could blame her for wanting to share this gift) She is bossy and loves that Eric will still let her push him around. She sings everything which I think is fabulous, and Andrew hates so I have dejavu as he yells/tells her to stop sharing that fabulous talent. Eric is still pretty much perfect. Super mellow, go with the flow and developing the cutest personality ever. He has a new best friend named Barney, he is in love. He carries the DVD cases with him everywhere and stops dead in his tracks if he is on the tv, it's so funny. They are such a blast. I have actually acomplished quite a few projects and don't have loads of laundry waiting for me. It's been a fun summer, we've swam, camped and played I love it. Now we are just enjoying ourself and waiting for Miss McKinlee to arrive aside from packing bags for the hospital and figuring out what to do with little people if she picks the middle of the night for her debut we are pretty ready for. I think I am in for it. Eric is not going to be a fan and Andrew and Berkelee will be too big of a fan so hopefully she will survive but I am actually pretty excited to close our family with this cute little girl, and really ready to not be this hot anymore :) They did an ultrasound on the 9th (34 weeks) and she was already 5lbs 8oz so I am sure I am in for another big baby but I dream about a 7lbs baby and pretend it could happen, which it could if she comes at like 37 weeks (haha) cross your fingers for me k. I will try (as always) to be better at pictures, and posting, but thanks for being better than me it's so fun to see what everyone is up too.