Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The First Week

Berkelee needed to take "smiles" too because I was taking pictures of Eric. She is a pretty cute girl :)

We have a fun filled week getting used to having three kids. We came from the hospital on the 11th and jumped right in. Thank goodness Brandon was still around because Eric decided night was day, it's fun. So when the kids were getting up I was finally going to sleep :)

On Friday night Brandon's mom and two of his brothers came to meet our new little addition, what a night it turned into. See when you come to our house you almost feel like you're driving into a parking lot instead of a road that will take you where you need to be so Jeff turned back onto the freeway (that is what happens if you turn left instead of going straight) and then of course it turned it to a blizzard, and when he finally got turned around his car died. Brandon went to get them and got stuck in a ditch. Geesh!!! I felt so badly for them. Needless to say they got it all taken care of but I think it might be a few weeks before they think about trying to come see us again :)
We are adjusting, still not sleeping but adjusting and loving our new little addition. The kids have to check on him every few minutes, if he starts crying we have to go fast or the kids are right there trying to "help" and they loved to hold him and hug him. They are the greatest. Berkelee and Andrew are having a harder time with each other but hey life can't be perfect. :)
Oh on a side note Andrew starts school today :) We went to the school district like his old teacher suggested and after some test they decided they wanted to work with him to help get him ready for kindergarten. I am so excited and so is he. He even gets to take the bus starting tomorrow, so I don't have to bring all the kids (YAY)
So it's been a fabulous week and this weekend we are off to Salt Lake so my mom can meet the new little guy (she was going to come down but I told her no cause some of my friends were coming down and then their plans feel through so we are bring him to her and I can't wait) So reality is pretty nice right now. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday

So after a long horrible weekend I ended up at the doctors monday, and baby thought it was time to come out... So for my birthday I got to have an Eric. I came into be induce at 4am and it all went nice a smoothly. At 3:05pm after 2 contraction worth of pushing (bless america) and a little cut to help the huge guy out our Eric Lee joined our family. 9 lbs 4 oz and 21 inches long. (yup four days early... he was as big as two week late me) I am so beyond grateful to get to stop having contractions for my birthday. :)

The new room

I just thought I would post these cute picture of Erics little bed. I can't wait for him to use it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Never coming out!

Well after twenty weeks of contractions today was suppose to be a happy day. But because I am the coolest person on the planet, contractions are not enough, today is not a happy day. You guessed it... baby Eric is never coming out! My doctor said because of the way my uterus is tilted that the baby isn't low enough for him to try to induce me. Meaning he will next week cause my baby is huge (an ultra sound last Monday 8lbs 9 oz) and my body can't take going past my due date but by inducing me I will either be there forever or end up having a c-section in the end. Fun huh! He told me to try to be active but my fabulous contractions and head aches (from my boreder line blood pressure problem) make that so much easier said then done. So obviously it will be a fun week...