Friday, February 19, 2010

Our love hate relationship with 2010

We ended 2009 on kind of a low and so we were all pretty excited to start off a new year. Well we have definitally got off on the wrong foot. January 1 everyone got the stomach flu and we didn't finish um cleaning out our systems until January 3. January 4 we found out we are having a baby (We have a baby and didn't have insurance so this was bad) January 5 Eric got his second case of strep January 6 the kids went back to school and we started applying for insurance. January kind of died off on adding new drama but I was still having a rough time dealing. Then we were having a fun February. With mine and Erics birthday we of course celebrated at Red Robbins and it was fabulous and then that friday Brandon and I got to have a fun Valentines date and we woke to a busy Saturday full of birthday parties and baby showers to find our house was crying (literally) the walls had condinsation dripping down all of them the ceiling was leaking from the vents and we started to have a heart attack. With the help of some fabulous friends we found the source (our hot water pipe had broke on our water heater and was spraying everywhere which got in to the vents and brought it to the attic where it made our house cry cause of the hot/coldness) Our home warrenty fixed the water heater and we have had our fantastic friends helping us fix the ceilings and mechanical room. Goodness it's been a week. I have decided that we are just trying to get the bumps out of the way so we can have some smooth sailing from here on out. School is going fabulous. I love it, all though I need to study harder in biology. I am super excited and hope that everything stays on track. Berkelee and Andrew are both doing fabulously in school and Erics ent appointment went well nothing looks good but it looked good enought to wait until 18 months and reevaluate cause no one wants to do surgery on a one year old if the can avoid it. And most likely if they do they will do a clean sweap (tubes in his ear, and remove his tonsils and adnoids) So I hope he can start feeling better or at least feel good enough to get through the next 6 months.

Friday, February 5, 2010


I'm the worst blogger ever, and I should add picture taker to that list. Life has been crazy lately. Brandon is still working for himself (so if you need a will, or trust, or help with other legal stuff just let him know) and so we don't see to much of each other. I went back to school in January and I kind of love it. Hopefully when all is said and done I will be a nurse but we'll see :) Andrew is doing so well with reading and writing at school, we are super proud of him. Little Miss Berkelee is doing well with her letters a school too. She even tries to write her name. Eric is a tropper, he is still sick :( he has been on antibiotics since late November and can't kick his strep so on the 17 we head to the ENT to see if he should have his tonsils removed. (what a birthday present) Thats right in 5 days he will be one (and we can FINALLY cut his hair) Time has gone so quickly this year. I will try to get better and this blogging thing again but until then I sure love reading everyone elses :)