Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Confessionals


I confess...

My name is Emily and Im the worst blogger, ever!
Seriously, I have time to blog stalk but write about my life, please there isnt time to relive my crazy
Im too busy starting my 90th diet
Seriously how do skinny people do it
Im hungry all the time and im not even skimping on food.
Dang you baby feeding body.
You're suppose to plump up the baby, not the mama
I've lost like 6 lbs since January (thats not a lot when you have a lot to loose) and Kinlees gained 8 oz. Come on now...
I need new clothes so I must loose like 80 lbs (I tend to exagerate a little)so I can leave the house and regain some sanity
But don't worry in 18 days Kinlee can go to kids club at the gym
Then I will get to exercise
And I will totally go even if its just for 2 hours of sanity
I love my kids, they just make me crazy sometimes
Dont judge me
Since you're already not judging me...
I'm entering a contest to meet Stephanie Meyer
And I'm entering my mom too (to double my chances of winning)
I'm totally going to win :)
You can be jealous that I haven't let go of my inner 12 year old
Speaking of 12 year old... Me and my 4 year old are watching Hannah Montana together
And I sort of love it
Ahh the joys of parenthood
You can watch kid shows
Sing all the time
And totally blame it on mother-daughter bonding
Being a mom rocks.
Especially when one learns to read
Then he can read bedtime stories to practice reading
And you can feel like a good mom cause they get stories and you don't get crabby
Life rocks
Now if only I can find a way to use them in my skinny quest