Friday, September 30, 2011

Berkelee's Birthday

On the actual day of her birthday we had our family over to help celebrate.  We went and picked up the cupcakes took them home, left daddy with the kiddos and head to toys r us to use her coupon and get her ballon.  On our way home we got a phone call saying the cupcakes had died (Eric dropped them on the floor trying to steal one) and we needed to get more.  All in all the night was a sucess. That saturday was suppose to be her birthday party but she got strep and lost her voice so we had to reschedule.  We had a rock star party and it was chaos, two of our friends even fell in our kiddy pool, good times.  But she still had fun, their moms forgave us and we all survived.  Birthday parties make me tired and I get to have another one next week.

Selena Gomez

First let me admit I love Selena Gomez and I tried really hard to get Brandon to let me take Berkelee for her birthday, but he said it was too pricey.  But Berkelee was so upset she started saving her dollars and she saved up about 15 dollars and so Brandon said to get her some tickets.  At this point I had plans that night and was totally bummed so Berkelee and Brandon went on a daddy daughter date to see her.  They had so much fun, and I'm still super jealous.
Worst mom ever award goes to this mom right here.  I brought my camera and took Andrew to his first day of school.  Got him all posed and ready to go, snapped the picture and the battery died.  No way to check the quality and well this time that is a bummer.  At least there is a picture to document the day.

Andrews Purple Belt

Andrew has been waiting to earn his purple belt since he started karate and he finally did (at the end of August)

McKinlee is 1

Such a cute birthday girl, she was a little crabby on the day but  she seemed to love the cake and present and people there for her.  With each kid we go to toys r us for the ballon and such.  Eric's picture was so darn cute but Kinners just didn't seem to in to it, what can you do :)

McKinlees Photo Shoot

I (with a lot of help with Camille) made Kinlee the cutest birthday outfit and I couldn't let that go undocumented so my sweet friend took some fabulous pictures for us. :) Thank you so much Kiyna