Friday, February 5, 2010


I'm the worst blogger ever, and I should add picture taker to that list. Life has been crazy lately. Brandon is still working for himself (so if you need a will, or trust, or help with other legal stuff just let him know) and so we don't see to much of each other. I went back to school in January and I kind of love it. Hopefully when all is said and done I will be a nurse but we'll see :) Andrew is doing so well with reading and writing at school, we are super proud of him. Little Miss Berkelee is doing well with her letters a school too. She even tries to write her name. Eric is a tropper, he is still sick :( he has been on antibiotics since late November and can't kick his strep so on the 17 we head to the ENT to see if he should have his tonsils removed. (what a birthday present) Thats right in 5 days he will be one (and we can FINALLY cut his hair) Time has gone so quickly this year. I will try to get better and this blogging thing again but until then I sure love reading everyone elses :)


Karen said...

Good to hear from you! Which school are you attending these days?

Bloomfields said...

Have you tried to take him off of dairy? Maybe you should try an hebalist... Before you take the tonsils.

Emmalee said...

Seriously! I think I check your blog every day...I'm always thinking about you, wondering how you're doing. I would call, but you never answer your phone!!! This is all big news! Back to school? Yay! How do you fit it all in? Where are you going? And poor Eric! I hate having sick kiddoes - don't you? I'd rather be sick myself. Well, maybe now that you've seen how long this blog message is, you'll realize how much I miss you and call me. Just to catch up. And it doesn't have to be for very long either!
We love you!