Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My cute friend Sara "tagged" my kids to share 5 things about them...
1. He knows a lot, mostly because he asks a million questions. You have to love the why stage, but it has helped him understand a million things.
2. He loves school! He ask everyday when he gets to go back to school. Most kids love summer vacation, but Andrew can't wait for the new school year to start.
3. He is a pro at the slug bug game. He can find them before me or Brandon most of the time.
4.He is quite the golfer. He can walk 9 holes with Daddy and still want to keep playing.
5.He speaks spanish. It is pretty funny actually, but he rocks at it.
1. She is the cutest little momma. She wakes up every morning takes baby on a walk in her stroller and feeds her breakfast. Everything she does baby has to do to.
2.She is left handed. Thats right she is a drawing machine but will only use her left hand.
3.She talks like madness. This girl can say anything you ask her too. She can point out her body parts and is so egar to learn more.
4.She is sassy! She definitally thinks she is the boss, hands down.
5.She is a dancing machine. She has the arms, the twisting the spining down to an art. Hopefully
she gets to be super talented unlike her mother :)