Friday, October 3, 2008

Andrew is 5

I can hardly believe that today is really the day. He is 5, time really flys by, I swear it was like two maybe three weeks ago when we were lucky enough to have him come to live with our family and now it is 3 and a half years later and he's 5... goodness. We sure love this little man and are so glad he is part of our family. He is the best big brother to Berkelee and is so excited to have a brother. I couldn't ask for a better "oldest" he is the best. His party isn't until the 18 but we will post pictures for sure. I just wanted to give him a little Happy Birthday. We love you bud.


Admin said...
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Denny said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

The Steeds said...

Wow, I really need to know the story about him coming to your family-- we will have to catch up sometime. My email is msteed1982 @yahoo. Happy birthday Andrew!