Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We're back!

We have a million pictures to upload and never enough time but hopefully over the next couple days I will get there. We have been crazy the last few months. Going backwards I had my sinus surgery and it has taken forever to try to recover I am not sure I can go as far as saying I'm there yet but it has been 5 weeks. Two days before the surgery we moved into our first home (I will post pictures, eventually) We love it! Thanks Dennis, Dan, Tamera, Cody and the Orgills for helping us out so much!! It is so nice having our own space it will eventually be decorated and all put together but for now it is still part of our craziness. Before that Berkelee and Andrew had birthdays. Andrew is 6 and huge and happy. He is loving kindergarten and is crazy about all things electronic xbox, computers and leapster goodness he thinks we are punishing him when we make him go outside to play for a while :) Berkelee is 3 and as sassy as ever. She is learning more and more everyday and we just love it. Eric is now 9 months and a giant! 20 lbs 28 1/2 in and has 8 teeth. He can stand but wont walk and jabbers up a storm. In between the two birthdays we went to North Carolina to meet Beth. For those that dont know Beth is Andrew mom. We were lucky enough to get custody of him at 16 months and he has lived with us ever since but he has been so curious about her lately that when a fabulous deal on tickets came up we couldn't pass it up. It was so much fun to see Grandma Rachel and play with Beth and her girls. We have pictures somewhere. We played in the Ocean and visited a few fun spots but mostly just hung out with all the kids we had Andrew (5) Berkelee (3) Kate (2) Jossette (1) and Eric ( 7 mon) so it was a lot of craziness. But I am glad we got a chance to go out there. I am sure I am leaving out a ton but hopefully I wont have to recap so much next time. I've missed you blog world :) I will try to be better

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