Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The finer things in life

I wont lie I spend a lot of time feeling sorry for myself lately, it's a horrible quality and makes you very grumpy. I don't recommend it unless you own stock in Hersheys. So as I read through other peoples lives and remember how fabulous my life is (my brain doens't play the pitty party game as well as my feelings) I just wanted to write them out to remember them.
-Having a brain. At least it ruins the pitty party so I don't want to have them.
-The cutest kids, ever
-Healthy kids
-Creative kids-there is never a dull moment at our house
-The I didn't do it face. How can you stay mad with it
-Tivo (it's sad I know but I love TV it makes my heart happy)
-Our new(ish) house that comes with fantastic neighbors. For the first time in years I actually know some of my neighbors. I am horible at meeting new people I get super intemidated but our new ward is full of rockstars and I love it.
-Not throwing up because I am pregnant. This is huge I think everyone who is pregnant should have this gift.
-Facial expressions. I love when my kids make faces that remind me of pictures of me or faces my brothers made. it's fun to take little trips down memory lane.
-Family. I have fantastic family (and friends that count as family) that let me vent, or let me live vicariously through them.
-Love. Having people to love and people who love me are essential in times like these.
-Don't laugh-Twilight. I know I have turned into to my mom and her Harry Potter craziness (I am not that bad) but it's fun to live life through books.
-And of course the gospel. What more do you need.
Yay for happy things, and happy posts :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Erics Birthday

Yup, I am just posting this now cause I struggle.

But this is finally the day we could cut this darling boys hair. (oh happy day) I think he is so much cuter. I am very sad I didn't post on our birthday about how fabulous this little guy is but I am so grateful he is a part of our family. On a sadder note these are the only pictures from our birthday too ( oh how I struggle) But enjoy his cuteness :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If you have talked to me ever it's no secert that I love American Idol and become crazy about certain contestants like Kelly (no worries I cried when she won) Clay (I love him... and have every episode he was on recorded!) I boycotted most of season 3 cause I was mad Carrie (who doesn't love Carrie) I really like Elliot, he isn't Clay but I own his CDs and I boycotted most of season 6 cause really Taylor Hicks, come on! Then the Davids who doesn't love the Davids and then season 8 I love Danny, don't get me wrong I really like Kris but I just think Danny is adorable and fabulous and I voted for him a lot so it's hard to let go. (He is coming in concert with Sugarland and I really want to go) But this season is making me sad. No one is good yet, thats a bad sign. So this is my plea before Brandon boycotts the show (yup he watches now cause I'm that addicted) PLEASE step it up guys, PLEASE. Thats all :)