Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If you have talked to me ever it's no secert that I love American Idol and become crazy about certain contestants like Kelly (no worries I cried when she won) Clay (I love him... and have every episode he was on recorded!) I boycotted most of season 3 cause I was mad Carrie (who doesn't love Carrie) I really like Elliot, he isn't Clay but I own his CDs and I boycotted most of season 6 cause really Taylor Hicks, come on! Then the Davids who doesn't love the Davids and then season 8 I love Danny, don't get me wrong I really like Kris but I just think Danny is adorable and fabulous and I voted for him a lot so it's hard to let go. (He is coming in concert with Sugarland and I really want to go) But this season is making me sad. No one is good yet, thats a bad sign. So this is my plea before Brandon boycotts the show (yup he watches now cause I'm that addicted) PLEASE step it up guys, PLEASE. Thats all :)

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Paul, Kira, Skyler and Bridger said...

So, we watched tonight for the first time and I was so frustrated. And what is with the musical instruments? I miss Paula and I find is absolutely frightening that I am starting to predict Simon's comments and agree with them! I guess I am jaded.
I heard on the news that the average time shows like Idol last in other countries before the talent pool runs out is five years. Then they cancel shows for a few years.
It is crazy that one girl was 8 when Kelly won. It just doesn't seem like that long ago.
This season actually really reminds me of season 1. I got to watch them when they did Idol rewind at 1am when Bridger was little and grumpy. The talent is a little rougher and slow to warm up. I think we've been spoiled with amazing singers in the last couple of season as the show has gained popularity. Just wait it will get good soon.