Thursday, September 16, 2010

Berkelee is four.

I can't believe she is four :( Time goes by so quickly once you stop wanting it to. But she had a fantastic birthday yesterday. Sadly I don't have any pictures. Our camera is having issues so I had to send it into the manufacturer (great timing right, Berkelee's birthday, Berkelee and Andrews friend party and Andrews birthday are all in the next couple weeks grr)We are so grateful this little darling in our family. She has grown so much in this last year, I can hardly believe it. We love you so much our sweet little lady.

Two of my favorite Little People

If you have met me before you know I am pretty much a spaz. What can you do. well I have this darling frame of Berkelee and Andrew when she was first born so since I found out I was having McKinlee I was bound and determined to make one of her and Eric so we headed off to Kiddie Kandids to try to do just that. They gave me a CD so I thought I would share the darling pictures with you.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A little more of the little Miss.

I pulled the camera out to get my daddy picture and we got just a couple extra I thought I would share.


Geoff and Emmalee were in town for her sisters farewell ( have I mentioned they are moving back to Utah-- SO excited!!) and so we met over at moms to visit, since I just had Kinlee and Brad just came home from England. I of course being the air head I have become forgot I had a camera until Brad said moms if you have a camera you want to come see this. He was right!! Eric and Noah are so cute together, and frankly look a ton a like since they both have so much of Geoff in them.

Loving Kinlee

Like I said Berkelee and Eric are kind of obssesed. While I was trying to get pictures for my birth annoucement they had to have pictures of them with her. I am glad they are adjusting so well I was so nervous.

McKinlee Jane Baker

McKinlee Jane Baker
August 15, 2010
8 lbs 10.5 oz 19 1/2 inches

Miss McKinlee really wanted out if you ask me, she tried and tried many times. I think there were at least 3 nights where we were ready to go to the hospital (meaning my contraction had been 3 minutes apart for over an hour) but they always seemed to start calming down right as we were ready to leave (had a babysitter and our stuff) and being ridiculously scared of being sent home I just stayed home and cried about it. So I was scheduled to be induced and headed in at 7:30 am. Everything was easy I wont lie the nights I spent at home laboring were way more painful then any part of her birth except for the not pushing when I was ready while we waited for the Doctor, once he got there though 3 contractions and she was out. We love her to pieces. And think she is the perfect end to our little family. My kids think she was a present I swear, no major fits, Eric thinks she is his best friend. He learned to say baby and sister the day she came home and is always looking her and giving her kisses. Berkelee thinks she is her baby which is fine by me except when she trys to pick her up by herself and Andrew doesn't seem to mind either way, he wants to hold her and kiss her and then get back to his life. It's been perfect. She is a great baby. She doesn't sleep fabulously but what can you do when she is sleeping she rocks at it. She is a great eater, she was 9 lbs 8 oz last week when we went in because she has acid reflux that huge considering she is breast feed only (except those first couple days while you get ready for the game-big babies loose weight fast which make doctors nervous) One day I will sleep for 4 straight hours and everything will be right with the world. Until then, that's why my kids are so cute right! :)

Audrie's Party

While I was finishing being pregnant I didn't do much but my kids always look forward to Miss Audrie's party and since Brandon could help we packed up our new Camera (cause Brandon felt bad for me after my labor halt- I will explain when I post about Kinlee's birth) and went on over. They had a blast and I am way glad we went, and it made that day go by quickly while I waited for the next morning... induction day :)