Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas

First I have to say my picture taking was not very great this year. I didn't take pictures of anything, sad huh. We got up to Salt Lake late on the 23 cause Brandon had to work so we basically just went to bed. The next day (christmas eve) was Brandons birthday so I got the kids up and left so Brandon could enjoy some sleep. It was a crazy day for shopping but my mom hadn't done much yet so off we went to brave a couple stores. At 12 we called Brandon to wake him up and tell him we would be there in a few minutes. I dropped my mom off picked him up and took our kids to his parents. Then I took him out to lunch for his birthday. Brandon loves cheesecake so I took him to the cheesecake factory (holy amazing food!!!) It was so fun to hang out with him. I felt like it was my birthday. We ran a couple errands after and went back to his parents to have some pizza for his birthday. It was a really great day. Then our kids got their PJ's opened from Santas Elves so cute :) So I thought I would show them off :)

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