Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day ten~ A photo of your favorite place to eat.

I have a few favorites. A few fabulous friends of mine have a staple in our relationship. It's Village inn, pretty much every event in our lives (engagements, babies, fights, missing each other) results in a trip to Village Inn. IT all started cause Sara was a hostess there and the tradition just never faded.

Next is Red Robin, every birthday I can remember included a trip to Red Robin. I love it and the memories that come with it.

Finally I am obsessed with Village baker (I know people from my school had a bad experience but I can't seem to get over it) They make my heart happy with their turkey breast and provolone. (we joked about naming Eric Village so I could have my own Village Baker-ha I'm funny) Oh and their cookies and cinnamon rolls are to die for. :) I am so hungry now.
Oh and my other favorite sandwich the tasty turkey from Einstein Bagels is amazing... so so yummy!!

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