Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Confessional


I confess...

That I was the biggest slacker for st patricks day
Oh we all had on green-Andrews was a stripe, Kinlees were polka dots mixed in with pink ones, you get the idea
It's all cause crab is my name and crabbiness is my game
I remember when I was a nice girl
Those were the good old days
Instead now I'm a grumpy girl who gets sick to much and cant have chocolate
One day when I'm hot it will be worth it
Until then it just adds to my crabbiness
Oh porr Eric feel out of bed last night
This isn't anything new Eric seems to fall when he is just standing there
But last night he sratched up his eye
Its so sad
But he is a trooper
Welp... my crabbiness is contagious and all 4 kiddos a screaming so I must quit confessing

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last week Brandon got sick and we became addicted!! I admit I watch a lot of TV!! My kids go to bed and I sit on the couch and watch TV until I go to bed, and I don't feel bad about it :) It's how I feel human (yup I'm that lame) Well Brandon got super sick and missed work for a few days and decided he was bored and we should check out what series were on Netflix (if you don't have netflixs you're silly and you should fix that mistake, quickly) and there is was all 6 seasons and the addiction began. In a week and a half we are to season 4 and my hardly any sleep days have turned into sleep... whats that days. I hate waiting to know what happens and now that Brandons feeling better and at work again I find myself asking everyday if he really has to go and when he will get home. It's a problem but I just want to know what happens. Oh and I won the best bet from this lost addiction. Here's hoping I really claim my prize :)

Very Two

Eric cracks me up. Everyday he is into something new, he thinks he can do everything by himself. If he is thirsty he has a cup and the milk and gets right up in your face with his cute "juice please" lips. Needless to say most of my day is spent making sure Eric doesn't die. Today as I was changing Kinlee I looked over and there was Eric head first in the exersaucer. I sure hope you make it to your third birthday buddy. :)
(Brandon and I are a hundred percent sure that a broken bone is in our near future)