Friday, May 6, 2011


We had a fantastic Easter! On Saturday we went to the mall to see the Easter Bunny to which all my kid except Andrew (which is weird, but I guess he is getting old) freaked out-In their defense he was creepy looking but it was their idea. After that we went to the Orgills to coloring easter eggs. Eric was in heaven, my kids love doing it.

Then on Easter my kids got their basket, we went to church and matched in our cute outfits (which I didn't get a picture of my girls since when Kinlee woke up I changed her-but Berkelee loves to match so I will get one soon)After church we had the bishop and family come over and we finally had McKinlee blessed. Then we did dinner, it was a great day/weekend.

Friday Confessionals


I confess

I totally missed confessing
It such a happy couple minutes
I'm not kidding either it totally makes me happy
Good thing I have a fake friend who invented it so Fridays can rock just like it's suppose to
While I confess Berkelee is laying on me trying to convince me we need to play sprout online
Eric is dancing around the front room to the wiggles
It is the cutest thing ever
He points his finger and does the twist and rubs his tummy while he sings yummy yummy
IT kills me
One day I will record it
He spent like 4 days watching it at the hospital
And luckily Krystal had some so now we are just one big Wiggly Party
Speaking of party holy honk its nice outside
I would hang out outside all day but I have a broken foot and can't stand for that long
We have a pourch swing we put back there but we have to put it together and since I went to Florida Brandon has to work all the time to try to catch up
Did you catch that... I went to Florida
Yup I'm that cool
You can be jealous, cause it was amazing
The only down fall now I miss Sara like crazy
Florida is far away when you just want to hang out
Dang it.
But I got a sun burn
Went to the beach
Rode on a boat
Saw a dolphin
Was in(while I was on a boat) the Guld of Mexico
So pretty much worth the Sara withdraws
Yay for having the best husband ever who got me tickets for my birthday
To even out the presents excitment I'm getting a crock pot for Mothers Day
Cause mine broke
Its essential at my house
Which reminds me I need to go to Walmart to buy it
Day thirty~ A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past.

A photograph of yourself today
If you haven't learned this yet pictures of me are few and far between so here is one from Brandons birthday (thats only 5 months ago so it's not too bad)and I have yet to perfect the art of finding time to get ready. One day it's my goal to be one of those cute put together moms.

3 good things that have happened in the past.
1-Marrying my best friend :)
2-Having some fantastic little people
3-Buying a house in West Jordan (we have moved A LOT the 6 years we've been married and buying a house is pretty permanate which means a. no more packing and b. we are by our family HAPPY DAY)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day twenty-nine~ Something you could never get tired of doing

Hmm... Thats kind of a long list, lets see.

ANYTHING (except fighting) involving these 4 cuties

Andrew and Berkelee

Eric and McKinlee

(yes my old school picture are totaly pictures of pictures from my scrapbook, you can totally judge me)
Singing at the top of my lungs

Hanging out with the fabulous friends I have been blessed with(not all of which are pictured and just cause they aren't doesn't mean they are less loved I just couldn't find a picture cause since I am old now I am disorginized and don't take enough pictures)

Or pretty much anything with this hottie.

Oh and chocolate :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

After 8 months of slacking we finally blessed McKinlee. Us Bakers seem to be two steps behind this year, but we're working on it. The fun part though was I got some cute pictures cause she is bigger. Brandon gave her a perfect blessing and even Geoff and Emmalee were able to be there (Brad and Ben had to miss it but the whole Orgill clan and my mom were there too)My fabulous bishop came over and it was a little family thing (like all the other kids, Brandon likes it to be a family thing)It was such a fabulous addition to our Easter Sunday.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Day twenty-eight~ Your favorite movie.

Is that question even answerable. I would say a movie I have always loved and always will is Selena

Day twenty-seven~ A picture of you last year and now and how have you changed since then?

A year ago I was pregnant and since I am the picture taker there are two fact that make a picture from a year ago imposible. 1 I am not super good at remembering to take pictures and 2 I don't take prego pics voluntarily. So here is one from a year and a half ago, does that count :)

This picture is from like 4 days ago after I got Kinners out of the tub at Sara's

The difference... um I am fatter. That's about it. Good times, hopefully this time next year I will be way hot and have a ton of pictures to pick from since I am done with the baby making.
Day twenty-six~ A photo of somewhere you've been.

This post is so much more fun now that I've been somewhere... woot!! I've been to FLORIDA. It's super happy :) I went to visit my fab friend Sara and had a super blast and a half :) Hopefully this trip can happen more often. (Best Birthday present ever babe)

In this picture we are at Fort Myers Beach and it totally just rained on us but we so didn't care, it might actually be rainging in this picture. Kinlee was in love with the sand, luckily she didn't eat much