Friday, September 12, 2008

Berkelee update

I tried for about twenty minutes to get a picture but she is to busy being a frog, so this will have to do. We got half of the stiches taken out today to try to help the scar not be so bad. She was so big she didn't even cry. She wiggled a little bit but hi she is almost and has a sharp object coming toward her head. So I was pretty proud of her. She will get the rest out on her birthday, along with a trip to the dentist to look at her tooth so I am sure she will be singing my praises that day. I am glad it's healing so well though


The Steeds said...

Yeah, I am glad to hear that all is healing well. Hope the rest of it is as great. sva

Sharon said...

So sad! Poor little thing! I'm glad that it is healing well, it looks a lot better than the last post.