Monday, September 29, 2008

My no good, very bad day

Yesterday sucked! I wont lie. Brandon needed to get caught up on work so he bailed on me for church and I missed the last week cause I was still sick with the flu/head cold drama, so off I went by myself. They kids did really well, and Andrew even said his part in the Primary Program ( I was proud he has a hard time with primary cause he HATES singing) But in the last class I was feeling AWFUL. I don't event think that discribes it. Luckily when I got home after the kids made me chase them down Brandon was home thank goodness cause I was dying. I haven't been in that much pain for a long time and I was freaking out so the doctor had us go to Labor and Delivery. Not something you want to hear at twenty weeks. I started feeling a little better when I got there thankfully, but I was still pretty scared they ran eighty hundred test (I got cute pictures of the baby) and thankfully I was not in labor. But at least I didn't go for nothing. I have kidney stones again. Isn't that fun. Seriously... I am so tired of being sick. I can't seem to catch a break but at least the baby is ok :)

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