Monday, September 29, 2008

The good part of yesterday

When I was little my mom made me watch Pollyanna like a hundred times so I would learn there really is a good side to everything you just have to look. Well yesterday it wasn't to hard to find that good side. One of the tests they had to run was an ultrasound of the baby. Our appointment is tomorrow so it was fun to get a sneak peak. They even sent us home with a few pictures. So of course I took pictures of my pictures so I could share. It was cute they waved at me. I could see all the little, long fingers moving to say hi :) Of course they don't tell you anything so I will have to wait until tomorrow to know everything is ok and if it's a boy or a girl but I loved getting to peak and see whats going on it there :)

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Mathison Homeschool said...

Oooohhhh gosh how exciting!!! How are you feeling? I hope you have been feeling well!! Any motherly feeling about whether you feel that this baby is a boy or girl? We are voting that it is a girl! Because girls rock! Peyton would be a very cute name for her too!=)