Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

I am pretty sure I have the cutest Batman and Snow White out there. Halloween was such a fun day. We spent the morning doing Berkelee's hair trying everything to make it have a little volume. There wasn't much luck but she was so good through it all. We did curlers and round brushed and used a curling iron we even back combed and french braided a fake head band in there so if her head band came out (cause normally she would pull it right out but she didn't score more points for Berkelee) it wouldn't look like to much of a mess. I think I had a lot more fun with it all then she did but shh don't tell. I told Andrew to pull so Ninja moves for me in his super cool costume but instead I got hands over the eyes. He was just trying to show me that he could use his other sences to fight me :) Berkelee was dancing all over tha place in her costume so it was pretty funny. We took them to our wards trunk or treat. They had a little party inside (that is were Berkelee is making a cookie with Brandon and yes she has a fat lip. She is accident pron this one) I didn't getting any pictures trick or treating it outside cause I was handing out candy so sorry! But they are pretty cute!!


Abra said...

so cute Emily!

Camille Gehring said...

What cute kids you have love them

Myrna said...

Cute kids in cute costumes! Sounds like you guys had fun!