Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted.

Right after I had Berkelee I became an American. Brandon thought it was so weird that I had lived here since right before my 10th birthday and it hadn't been something that even crossed my mind. (Don't get me wrong I love living here but I was pretty torn because I am pretty proud of the fact that I was born in Canada). Anyway today I voted, and I hated it. I feel like I can't make the right choice. Politics frusterate me to no end. I feel like they always put a hiden agenda inside another message, that they bash people left and right and in the end everything and everyone comes out looking like a bad person and option. So now that the craziness of the election will be over and we all are so excited to hear about something else I am nervous that all it will be is what the person who won is doing wrong. It makes me crazy. It's a good thing Brandon like politics cause someone has to right.


miss kristen said...

You crazy Kanook. :) I feel the same way about politics. I don't trust any of them. So the best advice I can give you for next time is what I do.
Look at their past voting record. Did they say they'll change something? See how they voted in the past. More often than not it won't change.
Don't listen to the smear, focus on the facts. Go to pro, anti, and non-partisan sites and see what's there. You can usually get a pretty good idea about who you're dealing with when you see them from all sides.
And lastly, go with your gut. If you don't trust them, don't vote for them.
But then you're a smart girl, I'm sure you already knew all this. Politics suck, I concur. I'll be glad when this is all done and over with. ;)

Myrna said...

Did you read Nancy's really long political rant, Emily?

And you are still a Canadian--Canada recognizes dual citizenship, so in their eyes, you are still a Canadian.

I hate the whole political game-playing, too.

The Steeds said...

Congrats on voting! I also don't like voting. Especially this time-- there wasn't a clear choice for me.