Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I like tags :)

Here goes.20 years ago......
1: I was 4 and a half :)
2: I was living in our cute yellow house in PoCo
3: I was being a fabulous little sister :)
10 years ago......
1: I was on the swim team at Marv Jenson
2: I was "going out" with Kyle and thought I was super cool
3. I played hide and go seek in shopko with the tickle doll (it was so fun)
5 years ago.......
1: I was working at Oakcrest, good times :)
2: I started hair school
3: I was still being a fabulous little sister, but at this point my brothers may have agreed with me on that :)
3 years ago......
1: Got sealed in the temple
2: Found out we were having a little Miss Berkelee in our family
3: Enjoy the benifits of staying home with the little man in the rain all the time state, Oregon
1 year ago.......
1: I moved back from Oregon
2: I was working at my hair school (so fun)
3: Enjoying my friends and family
This year so far......
1: Brandon passed the bar and started working as a lawyer (don't ask me if I like the money I wont know for about 12 years)
2: Moved to Cedar City
3: Found out that we get to have a new little person at our house (yay babies)
1: Did a lot of nothing
2: Went grocery shopping
3: Went to the hospital (don't worry it's fine, they thought I had a blood clot)
1: Woke up and paid my rent
2: Voted
3: Made chocolate chip cookies
1: Taking Andrew to school
2: Hopefully moving Berkelee's stuff into Andrews room
3: Cleaning
In the Next Year.......
1: Have a baby
2: Start to get unfat
3: Go on an awesome vacation (it will happen!)

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Myrna said...

I hope you have an awesome vacation, too!