Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm one lucky girl!!

Krystal, Me, Tamera and Sara after Brandon and I were sealed (December 28, 2005)

I've always been lucky in the friend department. I always seem to luck out and get some really fabulous people on my list of people I call claim the title (weather they agree might be another story.) When I first moved to Utah way back in the 4th grade me and Sara become instant friends. Luckily no matter how annoying I may be I have a gift of hanging on to people and 17 years later she is still one of my best friends. Well right after I got married she moved away and I miss her way to much all the time but growing up will do that to you. Well since I've already admited that I may be annoying after a lot of niceness from me and a lot of vacations for Brandon I scored one of my own and I get to go see Sara in Florida. Me and Kinlee are going to visit her and her cute family and I can hardly wait. Yay April hurry and get it here :)

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