Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Berkelee's horrible day(s)

Poor little
Berkelee had to go to the hospital. Sunday she was coming down with something, a little fever and started throwing up. Nothing horrible, I just felt bad, well Monday I couldn't get her fever to break, so I called her doctor. By the time we got there her fever had gone down. But since she was throwing things up and monday not drinking or eating at all she had to get an iv. Since she was so dehydrated the pediatritians office couldn't do it, neither could the iv clinic so we had to go to the ER. It was so sad. They sent her home at 10:00pm :( but kept the iv in so they wouldn't have to poke her again (hence the cast) today she couldn't keep anything down so we were back at the doctor getting more liquid. She seems a lot happier with her purple cast (we are keeping the iv in until tomorrow incase she needs more) But it has been the saddest little ride ever. Poor girl.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So we went to Las Vegas this weekend (don't worry it was 114 degrees) because Tamera and Cody were down there. We didn't see to much of them, but we were really lucky. We went to the Mirage and saw the dolphins and the lions and tigers (and the baby tiger cubs). It was so neat. Andrew loved it. We had a lot of fun. We also went to the M& M factory and they had to take a picture with the race car(We took 5 pictures and there might be one with everyone looking at the camera). It was a really fun day.

YAY Uncle Jeff!!! Brandon's little brother graduated from High school this year. He is such a great unlce and super crazy smart (yup he got early exceptance to the University of Utah) We just wanted to let everyone know how proud we are of him.

So we need a new camera we all know that but I had to post the pictures we did get from Brandons swearing in. If you look closely he is on the front row. We are sure proud of him. A lot of time and hard work went into making this dream come true. We always knew he could do it. Way to go daddy!

So daddy came to Cedar City before me did and so one weekend we came out to visit him. It was a lot of fun. Some of our friends live out in St. George so they took us to Sand Hallow. It was a lot of fun. We will definitally be going back.

For mothers day weekend we went to the zoo. It was a lot of fun and we had some fabulous people with us. Uncle Chris, Uncle Michael and Uncle Benny came. And then our good friends Dennis and Amanda, their kids Ethan and KateLee and Amandas mom. It was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone and for Mothers day the moms got free massages it ruled. We didn't get to many pictures, it is a very distracting place.

After waiting about forever we finally have our computer back so.... time for pictures!

These I think are priceless. Berkelee is pretty nice (as nice as a one year old can be) about letting me do her hair. Well I really wanted to do sponge curlers. So when I was little I always slept in the them. Word to the wise it doesn't work when they are little. So we
will try again another day but I thought the pictures were just to great to pass up.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My cute friend Sara "tagged" my kids to share 5 things about them...
1. He knows a lot, mostly because he asks a million questions. You have to love the why stage, but it has helped him understand a million things.
2. He loves school! He ask everyday when he gets to go back to school. Most kids love summer vacation, but Andrew can't wait for the new school year to start.
3. He is a pro at the slug bug game. He can find them before me or Brandon most of the time.
4.He is quite the golfer. He can walk 9 holes with Daddy and still want to keep playing.
5.He speaks spanish. It is pretty funny actually, but he rocks at it.
1. She is the cutest little momma. She wakes up every morning takes baby on a walk in her stroller and feeds her breakfast. Everything she does baby has to do to.
2.She is left handed. Thats right she is a drawing machine but will only use her left hand.
3.She talks like madness. This girl can say anything you ask her too. She can point out her body parts and is so egar to learn more.
4.She is sassy! She definitally thinks she is the boss, hands down.
5.She is a dancing machine. She has the arms, the twisting the spining down to an art. Hopefully
she gets to be super talented unlike her mother :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome to our new blog. I switched the address cause well it wouldn't work very well when we have another kid so I figured there is no time like the present to switch it up.
We are really enjoying Cedar City. Brandon is working hard, but with a group of wonderful people. The kids and I are just enjoying the summer.
I will get some pictures up as soon as the geek squad gives us our computer back, but we are thinking about you. And our little people are getting bigger everyday.