Monday, May 10, 2010

I love Mothers day!!

We had a great one this year, of course I struggle and have no pictures (who would have ever thought I would become that person) but it was a blast. Andrew got me the coolest card that he recorded a message for me on and the super cute card and butterfly magnet he made at school for me. Berkelee made me a darling card at school too. (I love that they are old enough to make fun projects, they're my favorite) and then some beautiful flowers. It was to funny when I got up in the morning Berkelee goes is it Mothers day, to which I said yes, and she said oh good there are flowers for you in the car :) My darling kids are horrible secret keepers. I also got a new vacuum. I LOVE new vacuums cause they are amazing! Brandon informed it was even better because he put it together and used it, to which I have to agree that did make it even cooler :) It's red to which just makes it fun. After church we had a super fun BBQ with his family and my mom and Benny. I love hanging out with the fam. It was a great day, I love family days. Thanks to my cute kiddo's for letting me be their mom and to our moms for helping make us better people everyday.