Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ahh another stubburn Baker

Well incase you're wondering he is going to fit right in. He is at least 7 lbs 13 oz as of today and his head is measuring 2 1/2 weeks bigger then the rest of him. But nothing out of the normal... so in my belly he will stay forever I am sure. Oh geez! PS moms really do know everything. Yesterdau I had a little dejavu moment as I told Andrew to blow his nose instead of snif about nine thousand times. Then I remembered how silly I thought my mom was when she use to tell me that... but nope it is that bad. To bad I never knew how smart you really are.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The latest

Well after a long weekend I had another doctors appointment so I thought I would share. I seriously thought I was having a baby this weekend. I have had pretty regular contraction since I had my kidney stones (back around 24 weeks... good times) but saturday afternoon around four thirty I they hurt enough they woke me up from a fabulous nap my wonderful husband was letting me have. And I continued to have them every 5- 10 minutes until Sunday night. But they never got strong enough to do anything. So I am tired and cranky and really don't like contractions one bit. So I went to the dr this morning and I am completly effaced, but not dialating at all cause the baby is to high. (No I didn't type that wrong) After my baby being so low they couldn't even get to his head around 30 weeks he is now to high for all my fabulous contractions to do any good. So tomorrow morning I am going back to get some measurements done to see if his little head has gotten to big, or if he is just stubburn. Both answer would totally fit my little family cause Berkelee had the smallest head ever (35%) and did some seriously rough business to my body and everyone in my family is ridiculously stubburn so to think it wont be passed to Eric too is hard to believe. Either way I am excited that the contraction at least did something and I am excited to see little baby again. Ultra Sounds are so fun. So I get two happy thoughts for today and I like it. So I wanted to share.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Our poor life is so unproductive these days. I pretend like I do stuff but lets be honest, not so much. This morning I have finished my birth annoucements (cause I am a spaz like that and really bugged that I am short ten stamps) watched Aladin for the eight millionth time, helped my kids with their "needs" and held my poor sick baby. That's it. Yup I don't do anything anymore. Today is grocery shopping day and I am trying to find ways to not go until they are in bed. I am pretty pathetic. I have this list of things I can't wait to do when I am not pregnant any more starting with scrub the bathtub :) Poor family. But my kids are amazing and luckily Brandon works so he doesn't get to bugged with me. Only two and a half weeks at most!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The joys of pregnancy

I am freaking HUGE (just like the nice Walmart lady told me)
Profile action. You can see his little face so well I think. He can thank us both for being blessed with a huge nose.

The 3d picture of him sticking his tounge out at us silly boy.

That is his nose and mouth. He has a cute mouth just like miss Berkelee (thanks daddy)

Ah the joys of pregnancy. It isn’t like I haven’t whined and complained vocally this whole pregnancy about all the crazy things I have dealt with that I wasn’t expecting consider being pregnant with Berkelee rocked. But I have truly been so grateful for the chance to bring a new little man to our family. In true Emily style I was at the hospital again this weekend. (No wonder the L&D nurses aren’t super nice I would be bugged with me by now too) I had a rough night Friday and Brandon being the rocking husband that he is let me (I’m not sure if it wanted to let me I don’t remember anything) sleep literally all day on Saturday. So when I woke up Saturday my little kick boxer wasn’t moving. Now I am crazy paranoid so I tried all the tricks the list to get him to move and was unsuccessful and went back to bed hoping I just wore him out with all my sleeping and Sunday would be better. But sure enough Sunday wasn’t any different. Brandon even gave my stomach so good shakings which always makes him want to play but nothing, so off I went at my doctors orders to get a non-stress test at the hospital. I got there and he was moving like crazy they say (I just couldn’t feel it) and my contractions I complain about even show up on the monitor (it makes me feel better to know I am not just a pansy that they are really there like every two minutes) so my doctor had them check my fluids. They came back crazy high, which would be bad, but my doctor was kind of skeptical and made me come into his office the next day so he could recheck them. Everything is fine, and I feel him a little more now, but I guess my stomach is just getting beat up I can’t feel much anymore. But the best part was I got to have two ultrasounds in two days. The lady at the hospital even saw his hair. She gave me some pictures of his cute lips, and huge nose, and the doctor gave me a few as well, he even sticks his tongue out for us (so sweet, he’ll fit right in) So I thought I would take some picture of the picture so sorry if they are hard to see I was just excited. He also gave me great news that he won’t let me go past 39 weeks so 3 weeks and 3 days at the most. YAY!! I could have a party. I can hardly wait.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Like I said somewhere in the posts that follow (oh there are a lot) I wasn't the best picture taker this holiday season. But we loved it. It was probably one of my favorite trips home just cause I am broken, so I couldn't do much so it was really mellow but we still got to see and do a lot. We drove home from Salt Lake on our anniversary. I can hardly believe we have been married for 4 years. When I think about all thats happened in those 4 years I am suprise it's only 4 but it doesn't feel like that long. I guess that's a good sign :) we went out to dinner and a movie Saturday night (we got to hang out a lot this trip so fun) And then had a million things to do on Sunday before we left. But we are grateful for all our fabulous people that bring so much to our lives.
Just our little update. Andrew is so big... he says the funniest things these days. Yesterday Berkelee got in trouble because she was trying to wear the babys clothes and we she went to her room he looks at me and says I choose not to do that because I just wanted to play power rangers. :) Oh goodness. Berkelee is very much in the terrible stage of two, lucky for her she's cute. She is still as cute and busy as ever and one day might even be potty trainned. Brandon is a worker... we don't see to much of him, but he does come home in a pretty good mood so thats a good sign, oh and he got a new office. We brought him so treats yesterday so we could sneak a peak it was pretty nice. As for me I am offically broken again... this week I am skimming the surface of preeclampsia. I think my body is just done being pregnant but the good thing is that little baby is still growing strong and now they wont let me go past my due date so I can't have more than 37 days left if it's not less so hey there really is always some good in everything :)

Baby Noah

I'm an aunt again. I love how perfectly Emmalee and I have things worked out. I had a Berkelee so she had a Grace then she had a Noah and I'll have an Eric (soon hopefully)

Born December 27, 2008 at 6:39am
Tualatin, Oregon
6 lbs 13 ounces
20 inches

Uncle Chris' awesome present

After dinner we all had to take a turn trying out Chris' new toy. It was so much fun. I really want one :) The kids even got into it. SO cute :)

Christmas Morning at the Loos house

After Brandons family we head back to my moms house. We were missing a lot of people this year but it was still fun. Geoff and Emmalee and Grace stayed in Oregon to wait for baby Noah to make his grand entrance and Brad was in France. We did have a fun little three way call but it was kind of crazy with everyone talking. :) After presents at my moms we get a little nap and then head up to Craigs (where I didn't take one picture, sorry) It is so fun for Andrew to get to play with Craig and Patrick he talks about it all year. Then we speed back for dinner at the Orgills

Christmas Morning at the Orgills

So for us Christmas is a lot of running around (we kind of like it I wont lie) We start off first thing in the morning at Brandon's parents house. (Brandon took the pictures so he isn't in any sad huh.) Our kids were spoiled, goodness. But it was really fun to watch them get all this crazy

stuff. Andrew probably got every power ranger toy ever made. It was insane

Twas the night before Christmas

First I have to say my picture taking was not very great this year. I didn't take pictures of anything, sad huh. We got up to Salt Lake late on the 23 cause Brandon had to work so we basically just went to bed. The next day (christmas eve) was Brandons birthday so I got the kids up and left so Brandon could enjoy some sleep. It was a crazy day for shopping but my mom hadn't done much yet so off we went to brave a couple stores. At 12 we called Brandon to wake him up and tell him we would be there in a few minutes. I dropped my mom off picked him up and took our kids to his parents. Then I took him out to lunch for his birthday. Brandon loves cheesecake so I took him to the cheesecake factory (holy amazing food!!!) It was so fun to hang out with him. I felt like it was my birthday. We ran a couple errands after and went back to his parents to have some pizza for his birthday. It was a really great day. Then our kids got their PJ's opened from Santas Elves so cute :) So I thought I would show them off :)

Snow Days

We have had our fair share of snow this winter and our kids are loving it. One day while Andrew was at school Daddy took our little Berkelee out for some play time. They are so cute together :) I seriously don't think that anything is as cute as watching the two of them. Andrew is a pretty big fan of the snow too :) so I thought I put a couple of him playing too. Please notice Skyler (we had a visitor YA!)

Clark Planetarium

When daddy came up to join us in our play time we took the kids to the space musseum as Andrew calls it. They had a great time looking at the different things. We even watched a 3D Movie :) And for the whole night Berkelee kept telling everyone she was a space explorer :)

Wheeler Farm

Um a long time ago (like before thanksgiving, that's how long I've been blog slacking) The kids and I ditched Brandon and went to play in Salt Lake. We had such a fun time. I love having people to play with. Camille has a little play group and so we invited our selves on their trip to Wheeler Farm. Andrew rocked! He seriously had a million ducks/geese around him and he fed them all like a champ. He is getting so big. Berkelee had fun watching all the animals through the fence and telling me which sounds the all made.