Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Andrews Birthday

Andrew's actually birthday was the same as every Monday at our house, crazy! But after Berkelee and Eric were done with dance we picked up Andrew and headed to Red Robins aka birthday central woot! We let him open our gifts that day too so he could enjoy his birthday all week :)

Andrews party

After the baptism we headed back to our house and Andrew had his family party, followed by his friend party. We had 20 kids come (that is not including my kids) so  I was one tired mom at the end of the day, but I'm glad he got to have such a fun day.

Berkelee and Maddi are Mini Miners

10 years ago Tamera and I started our senior year of High School (yup I'm that old) and our very favorite class was preschool.  Now our cute girls are Mini Miners.  I'm pretty sure I'm more excited then they are but they are loving it.  Here are some fab pictures of their first day :)

Andrews Baptism

So October 8 was a crazy day for us.  We woke up got everyone ready and headed over to the church for Andrews baptism.  it was such a great day and after my years of worrying Andrew walked right into the water and went under with no trouble at all.  Yay!! We are all super proud of him and his amazing choice.

Monday, October 3, 2011

8 years

I remember the day we got "the" phone call like it was yesterday.  We had been married for 5 weeks and 6 days when we came home from watching the Superbowl with Brandon's family and Brandon had left his phone at home.  As he listened to his messages he started crying (We've been married 7 year this December and I have only seen him cry twice so it was a big deal) Once he hung up the phone he started explaining to me how Andrew needed to come live with us now and the whole story that went with it.  After making some phone calls thankfully everything fell into place and Brandon was on a plane the next day.  He was gone a total of 3 days and on my 21 birthday I went to pick up my family from the airport.  Andrew took a day or two to warm up to his new home and we have had a few bumpy patches but I am so grateful for everything that fell into place so perfectly.  (side note Brandon and I had been originally planning to get married that May and we just had a talk one day and knew that waiting was not an option after lots of prayers on my part-and I'm sure Brandon's- we decided to move up the wedding, and being married ended up being a HUGE factor of us getting custody. Just one of the pieces that fell perfectly into place) We are so grateful for our Andrew.  He is funny, smart, and just a great kid.  Happy Birthday Andrew we love you!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Berkelee's Birthday

On the actual day of her birthday we had our family over to help celebrate.  We went and picked up the cupcakes took them home, left daddy with the kiddos and head to toys r us to use her coupon and get her ballon.  On our way home we got a phone call saying the cupcakes had died (Eric dropped them on the floor trying to steal one) and we needed to get more.  All in all the night was a sucess. That saturday was suppose to be her birthday party but she got strep and lost her voice so we had to reschedule.  We had a rock star party and it was chaos, two of our friends even fell in our kiddy pool, good times.  But she still had fun, their moms forgave us and we all survived.  Birthday parties make me tired and I get to have another one next week.