Monday, March 23, 2009

My lack of posting

My goodness, what a world wind the last month or so has been. When Eric was 2 weeks I ended up back in the hospital for a kidney stone, then after trying to cope with my lack of sleep I finally took Eric to the Doctor to learn that bless america he is not colicy, but had acid reflex (which the medicine is helping beautifuly) then my lack sleep drove me to a quick trip to Salt Lake (it was suppose to be 3 days) on the way up, my transmission went out, but I luckily met the nicest stranger EVER!!! Who took me to the nicest auto shop, and drove me and my three kids the rest of the way to my moms. The nice auto shop found out my transmission was under warrenty and took to the dealership and I settled in at my moms. Well... the day my car was suppose to be ready they called to tell me the transmission guy had to go back East for traning and it would be another week, I spent 8 hours throwing up to finally go to the ER and learn my kidney stone was to big to come out and I had to go to surgery, in surgery I learned it was porbably the same one from week 20 of my pregnancy and that ment lots of damage so they had to put in a stent for it to heal so I was stuck in Salt Lake longer cause it needed to be removed a week after surgery and and and it's been quite a month :) Full of good and bad but we are finally home sleeping in our own bed and I am so grateful for all the amazing people that helped me through it all. I will post pictures soon, I just thought I would update my blogging world.