Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Mystery of Eric

please excuse my picture of a picture. Since Eric was born we have been trying so hard to figure out who he looks like and the other day we figured it out. The old picture is baby Geoff mix in a little ( and mean barely) Brandon and the mystery has been solved. :) I think its awesome. Thanks Geoff for sharing your looks with our little man maybe he will get lucky enough to marry an Emily/Emmalee too :)

We're back!

We have a million pictures to upload and never enough time but hopefully over the next couple days I will get there. We have been crazy the last few months. Going backwards I had my sinus surgery and it has taken forever to try to recover I am not sure I can go as far as saying I'm there yet but it has been 5 weeks. Two days before the surgery we moved into our first home (I will post pictures, eventually) We love it! Thanks Dennis, Dan, Tamera, Cody and the Orgills for helping us out so much!! It is so nice having our own space it will eventually be decorated and all put together but for now it is still part of our craziness. Before that Berkelee and Andrew had birthdays. Andrew is 6 and huge and happy. He is loving kindergarten and is crazy about all things electronic xbox, computers and leapster goodness he thinks we are punishing him when we make him go outside to play for a while :) Berkelee is 3 and as sassy as ever. She is learning more and more everyday and we just love it. Eric is now 9 months and a giant! 20 lbs 28 1/2 in and has 8 teeth. He can stand but wont walk and jabbers up a storm. In between the two birthdays we went to North Carolina to meet Beth. For those that dont know Beth is Andrew mom. We were lucky enough to get custody of him at 16 months and he has lived with us ever since but he has been so curious about her lately that when a fabulous deal on tickets came up we couldn't pass it up. It was so much fun to see Grandma Rachel and play with Beth and her girls. We have pictures somewhere. We played in the Ocean and visited a few fun spots but mostly just hung out with all the kids we had Andrew (5) Berkelee (3) Kate (2) Jossette (1) and Eric ( 7 mon) so it was a lot of craziness. But I am glad we got a chance to go out there. I am sure I am leaving out a ton but hopefully I wont have to recap so much next time. I've missed you blog world :) I will try to be better


I just had to add a picture of our boys, aren't they cute :)

This year Andrew played fall ball. He really did a great job. It only last about five weeks with two games a week but he loved it.

Berkelees first day of School

Back in September (I know I am slacking!!) Berkelee started preschool with Miss Angie. She loves it. There are only a few kids in her class (Avery, Bella, Brooke, Mary, Berkelee and Brandon) and she has a blast. I took these back on the first day and thought I should share them with my blog world.

Meet Sarah

Berkelee has a new best friend. Our Uncle Jeff (not to be confused for Uncle Geoff) has a new girlfriend and we just love her, Berkelee especially. We have to talk about her everyday and that still isn't enough for the kids. Well right before Berkelees birthday Sarah got her a cute little dress up outfit and brought it over to her and of course we had to take some pictures :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On the mend

So it's been a crazy month. But my surgery is done and I am slowly on the mend. My other brokeness is trying to work it self out and we have successfully moved into our first home. I promise when I am home with internet and my pictures I will try to update you more. But most importantly HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT EMMALEE!!! Her birthday was yesterday and we have struggled and haven't sent out anything (sorry) when I can drive again I totally will. But we think you are the greatest and hope that you had the best birthday ever!

Friday, September 4, 2009

My mom says I'm broken, like I was put together backwards (and I am sure hoping it's not hereditary) but this week has added to my fun. I have all sorts of test that leave Dr scratching their heads and saying hmm. So the waiting part starts because for some reason they think the unexplained will go away by itself. Here's hoping they are right otherwise I will tell you what they say in three weeks. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear people who read my blog

I can safely say that each one of you is a better cook then I am. It's not that I can't follow a receipe but a-I can't think up whats for dinner without a cook book and b- I don't know what you put with it, so I need your help. PLEASE leave me a comment with your favorite meal and how to make it. The whole kit a capodal please (ie if you serve it with rice and corn or something like that or if it requires brownies for dessert) I am going to be domesticated one day if it kills me :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My maybe house

We have put in 4 offers- 2 short sales and 2 not... this house is one of my very favorites (and not a short sale) and I want it. It has many many pro's to it one of which is Chelsea lives one street over. Heres hoping.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am blogging from my phone, how cool am I :) life keeps us crazy these days so I thought I would try to update this way. Eric has four teeth as of Monday. I cannot believe how big my baby is. We even moved him to the bigger car seat and put his bed down to the lowest setting cause he sits himself up when he isn't ready for bed and is starting to pull himself up, goodness!
Berkelee is busy as always. She is herting excited for school and dance to start in September.
Andrew is doing awesome in school. He never has anything but fabulous things to say and his teacher even called me to tell me how much he is rocking it. I am even lucky enough to be the room mom in his class, I love it and I am so so excited about it.
As for us grown ups we are busy looking for a house and working when we aren't playing with the little people. We have put in 4 offers and really hoping that either the one by Tamera or Chelsea pans out and it would be nice if it was soon. I am so excited and so incredibly impatient. And my surgery makes me nervous for the timeline. I don't know if I put that one here... On October 13 I am having a huge surgery on my nose. All my sinus cavities are full of tissue instead of air so they have to go in and scrape out all the tissue so I can breathe out of my nose (finally) and fix my diviated septum. And recovery can take up to 3 months, yikes! I am excited and scared so hopefully I can be all moved in by then. Ok I should work. But I am so excited I can blog on my phone oh the updates I will make :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Erics blessing was perfect. He was awesome and daddy did an awesome job. Eric is such an amazing part of our family...
Erics recent stats
17 lbs 11 oz 27 inches
He sits, crawls and says dada
he is just perfect and learning more and more each day


So I must admit my biggest flaw as a mother of three is not taking pictures. I love pictures but I never seem to have the hands to snap the shot. But we have had a lot going on lately. Andrew started kindergarten... he loves it and is doing really well. Berkelee is just staying her same little 2 year old self but we did meet her teacher this last week and she starts preschool the beginning of September. Eric is still trying to get some more teeth and since the last time I posted had his blessing. It was awesome (and I have no pictures cause I took them with Geoffs camera so if he reads this he should send them my way) which ment Geoff, Emmalee, Grace and Noah were here. Like the horrible picture taker I have become I dont even have on picture of Grace rude huh but we sure love her and talk about playing with her daily. But I did get a cute one (well Brandon did) of Eric and Noah playing at Discovery gateway while they were here. Anyway if you look at our google pictures I should warn you that Andrew is trying to fill in for my lack of pictures and his skills struggle just a little. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's independance day!

Just thought you all should know it's Independance Day. So let freedom ring :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!!

So technically I'm not Canadian anymore but I will always consider myself one :) Either way Happy Canada Day!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have been a horrible poster, sorry!! But my kids out number my hands so I kind of struggle. Our lives have been busy, and crazy and I love it.
Andrew is getting ready to start kindergarten August 4. He is such a good kid, and the best big brother. He can make Eric laugh on command and he is so good with Berkelee, he even dances to princess movies with her so she can have a prince. We love it.
Berkelee is offically potty trained (YAY!!) and her bribes were to start dance and preschool this fall so she is so excited for that. She singing and dancing all the time and it's adorable!!
Eric is a giant. At his 4 month appointment he was 16.1 lbs and 25.5inches and I know he's grown since. He is rolling both directions, sitting by himself sometimes and has a million stories to tell. He already has two teeth and judging by the droll I'm sure there is more on the way. :)
We just went to Brandons 10 year reunion this weekend. It was kind of fun. They had a day activity for families and then one for just the adults that night. I can't believe how old we are getting, goodness!
July is coming (tomorrow) which means Geoff and Emmalee are coming soon. We can't wait!!! Berkelee talks about Grace everyday which makes Andrew talk about Geoff. We love that they are making a special trip just for us (so we can finally bless Eric) and we are so excited to see them.
July also means Brandons family reunion and hopefully a few more parades. So I should have some more pictures soon. I promise I will try to be better. Until then enjoy the randomness that are my pictures

We went to the South Jordan Parade this year, as you can tell no one wanted me to take pictures, but I was so excited that I had to post them anyways. I was sad cause there wasn't even one marching band (which is my favorite part) but the kids still had a lot of fun.

Berkelee tumbling. She is darling to watch, but she isn't so good at doing what she is told, she still a little intemidated by the situation.

Berkelee and Belle

Berkelee, the silly girls, and Gaston. (Berkelee always goes remember those crying girls-cause the cry when Gaston is going to purpose to Belle- I call them silly girls, then she starts laughing) SO CUTE!!

Girls date night number 2. It didn't rain out this time.

This was opening night. Berkelee was so excited to see Belle and Papa and Beast for real!! But it got rained out :(

Our little chunk is turning into a pro with the baby cereal.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My cute friend firefly

One of the girls I worked with at oakcrest is super crafty. Well she has a website to share her ideas, design and a etsy website to sell some. I just wanted to share with you guys her give away this week. Check it out

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer Fun

Our apartment opened the pool this week so my friend came over and we went swimming today. My kids rocked it! Three kids is rough in the pool for one person but I worked it out. This was little mans first time swimming so I had to take a couple pictures.


I am offically feeling old these days. Andrew has two loose teeth and today he graduated from Preschool. Goodness!! It was quite the affair, they sang us song (Tooty-tah, so funny!!! and going on a bear hunt) Andrew did awesome showing off his dancing skills and even posing for the camera. Apparently it got old though cause he started sticking his tounge out in all of them. Oh well. We are sure proud of him