Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting Skinny

It's seriously the hardest thing ever!!! I was always small when I was young and then 17 came around and it was harder to be skinny but do able, then babies happened and I'm not so cute anymore. Now that baby making is over it is my goal to feel like I'm cute again. It sucks though, it makes me crabby and crazy and I hate it. I try all these diets and have always just calmed myself with food aka quit them to give my family some sanity back... so I am trying the good old fashion way again, working out and counting calories.I have a lot of poundage to loose and one of my bribes to go to Hawaii (one of my fabulous bff's is getting married there in March and I really want to go) is that I will look good enough to wear a bikini. If you know, which I am assuming most people that read this would- that is huge cause I don't wear bikinis I'm not that cute, so it is a big bribe. So I figured maybe if I have to talk about it then I have to be accountable for it and it might happen. I have 41 lbs to loose to be my idea of perfect, which is 7 lbs smaller then I was when I got married. At least the gym is two hours of sanity where my kids play with someone that's not me, and I get to sweat out my frustration. Anyone have any ideas or tips? Wish me luck!!!