Friday, December 19, 2008

I promise I will post pictures if Iever find the laptop. Brandon used it for work one day and put it away. Apparently we don't put it in the same spot so I don't know where it is and never remember to ask when he is home. Just a little update...
Brandon- is working crazy hard. We are so proud of him and he is so lucky to be where he is. He has started doing all the litigation cases for the company and is getting so much experiance he wouldn't be able to anywhere else. We see less of him but at least he works close and can come home for lunch.
Andrew- Bless his heart, has so much energy he might not get to stay at his school :( Poor thing. He has to meet with some pshycologist and what not for the school district when they get back from winter break. But at least he will be with the program he will work with in Kindergarten next year.
Berkelee- she's two! There is much more to say about that :) We are all looking forward to when she stops trying to push buttons and is just our darling Berkelee again. We sure love her and she sure knows that. Thats half the battle :)
As for new baby, probably Eric- He doesn't seem to like being in my belly :) I had an ultra sound two weeks ago just cause I am having lots of issues, and he is so low that you can't even get his head in the ultrasound. Silly boy. But he is also long and skinny. They said he was at least 3 lbs 8 oz which is what my book is saying he should weigh next week and that was two weeks ago. ahh! At least if he comes early he will be the size of a normal full term baby. And if he goes full term... well at least he will be healthy and I will have good drugs :)
Sorry I am pictureless again. But I have really cute pictures to post. Especially with the snow. There is a lot of snow here these days :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A blurb and a tag

I love tags, even when people don't tag me sometimes I steal them and do them anyway, it makes me happy :)
I haven't posted a lot lately cause I was in Salt Lake. I love going up to play with my mom and visit with friends. I had a fabulous baby shower, and wonderful thanksgiving and productive day after thanksgiving shopping trip and evena couple naps. So all in all I am a pretty happy camper. My kids are just as intense as usual. I am going to post some pictures tomorrow cause I have to use the lap top to do it for some reason and I don't want to pull it out twice and I am having an ultra sound today so I will take some pictures of pictures if I get any. I have about 9 weeks left (that is seriously happy) it's been one rough pregnancy so I have decided he will either be the cutest baby or the best baby EVER to make up for it :) So far his name is still Eric, but I met a really weird Eric the other day so I am still fence sitting on it, so feel free to reccommend ANYTHING else.
And now the most important part, the tag :)

A--Attached or Single: Very much attached
B--Best Friend: My mom, Brandon, or Tamera
C--Cake or Pie: Cake
D--Day of Choice: Saturday I love them
E--Essential Item: Chap stick
F--Favorite Color: Yellow
G--Greatest Accomplishment: I guess it depends when you ask me, but probably being a mom
H--Hometown: Port Coquitlam, BC until I was 10 the South Jordan, Ut
I--Indulgences: Chocolate
J--January or July: July
K--Kids: Andrew Lee Baker, Berkelee Kay Baker and soon a new little person
L--Life is incomplete without: Family
M--Marriage Date: December 28, 2004
N--Number of Siblings: 3 Brad, Geoff, and Ben
O--Oranges or Apples: Apples
P--Phobias or fears: Death of my family
Q--Quotes: We may not have it all together, but together we have it all
R--Reason to Smile: Single diggit weeks :)
S--Season: Spring
T--Tag 5 Friends: Jen, TK, Kira, Sara, and Marilyn
U--Unknown facts about me: When I am pregnant I think mean thoughts, it's not so happy
V--Very favorite store: Roberts, or Maurices
W--Worst habit: Crying
X--X-ray or Ultra Sound: I saw my baby for the first time in an Ultrasound!
Y--Your favorite food: Sandwiches
Z--Zodiac: Aquarius