Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Confessional


I confess

I'm having a bad day
Ok week... and a half
And me and my body are not friends
And since it's had enough of me, it's taking it out on the baby
Thats just rude
So she is sleeping in her starvation mode while I search the internet for bottle tricks
Ah the joys of my malfunctions
My mom always tells me (with so much love) that god put me together backwards
The only plus is Brandon buys me chocolate and doesn't get made when every part of my day has invovled the fetal position
I am lazy after all so thats kind of nice
But in my brokeness I missed my neighborhood book club
And although I have a new found love for reading, I have never actually read one of the books
But it rocks
I seriously have the best group of girls that live around me
One of them brought me peanut butter cookies yesterday
They are amazing
Brandon and I ate them all last night
Dont judge me
They're amazing!!
How did I not know about this fabulousity
I eat a lot of junk and no one thought to inform me of this
Now I need to learn how to make peanut butter cookies
And pretty much everything else
I wonder if I can do that from the fetal position

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Basketball Season

Andrew played basketball (Jr Jazz) this year with our friends little boy-Harley. It was so much fun, and they are adorable!!

Night at the Museum

Andrews school put on a little art show where they posted some of their work on the walls at school and the first graders sang the national anthem. It was adorable!! Here's a few pictures of Andrews art and a video of him singing.

Happy Birthday Eric

Our littlest Man turned two this year. And he is so much fun!!! Last year his party got cancelled due to our ceiling falling in and so this year he had a super fun party... Handy Manny Style! He loves him some Handy Manny :) On his birthday I took him to use the little gift card that Toys R Us sent him and he got a crown and balloon too. It was fun, then we went to eat lunch with daddy. It was a good day, then saturday was party day. I planned some stuff but craziness set in and we just played. It was so fun. I hope he had as much fun as we did. Happy birthday my little bug :)

Pure Awesomeness!!

Andrew got Kinnect sports for Christmas and Sarah and I had a blast watching them box. It's amazing!! Enjoy :)

Happy Birthday Daddy

Brandon turned 30 this year and we went skating. We usually try to go skating for his birthday and every now and then I try to throw a party but with his birthday being Christmas eve it usually just the fam. But Jeff, Sarah, Chris and Ben joined in our fun this year and then his parents and Michael came over for lunch and cheesecake. We are super grateful for the awesomeness he adds to our family. Love ya babe!!

Remember how it was Christmas

Remember how I confessed (best game ever right) that I'm the worst blogger ever. Well I uploaded some pictures and imagine that Christmas did happen at our house, who knew. The day was a lot less running than usual. My mom had to work so we made breakfast and Brandons parents, brother (plus Sarah) and my brother-Ben came over to help us open presents and then we hung out while I cooked and then his family friends (Carlos-and his girlfriend Desa, Victor, and their parents) joined us for dinner. It was a blast, and crazy so with all the cooking I don't have pictures of the after/evening. And then the next day we went to Craigs and then to my moms which I also don't have pictures of but we had a great time this year. Merry Late Christmas