Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My baby is one

I spent most January 2010 crying... life was so crazy we had bought a house I was still trying to be better from my surgery Brandon had just started his own business so money scared me and we no longer had insurance when I go this positive pregnancy test. How was this possible? What would I do? I was in a constant state of ahhhh! My pregnancy was beyond easy thankfully cause I had some serious pre-partum depression (which I didn't even know existed up until this point) but then August 15, 2010 came around and I met this perfect little person who would be the caboose to our family and I knew all that crazy was worth it. She has been the perfect last kid. She has taken her time with each milestone so I can truly enjoy it and her. I love every second of this baby even the yucky-spit covered **shiver** parts. I am so grateful she is in our family and can't imagine life without her. Thanks for being the best surprise ever little miss McKinlee Jane.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Today when I made a new post blogger posted all my old posts. Happiness to the world. I am so excited to blog again instead of just blog and save :) Happy friday friends

Make a difference day

As many of you know I lived in Oregon for a minute and it wasn 't the easiest part of my life. Lots of changes and lots of new and I had a hard time adjusting. One day the sweetest lady called me just to chat, and offer to help me with Andrew if I need it to go to a Dr appointment or what not. (I was pregnant with Berkelee) I'm not sure if she even knows how desperate I was for that call and the turn around it made in the rest of my time there. We were never best friends and we don't chat often but I keep tabs on her cute family through her blog. This week she posted this on her blog.

Dearest Family and Friends,

Our Second Annual Make A Difference Day is coming up. It's on the 24th-25th. We have two days because on the 24th was the accident, but it wasn't until the wee hours of the next morning that they declared that Our Sweet Caleb passed. This is a VERY difficult Angel Anniversary for us. We are greatly in need of ALL our Family and Friends to stand by us, to help us, that these days may be used for much good. That on these days we may help to share our love for Caleb, by serving in some small way, anyway you can; to show him that we haven't forgotten him, nor his loving example to us all. By doing this we help and serve with him on his mission, in assisting him to help people feel the Love of Christ in their lives.

Please if you can serve with us, please do; it will help with our healing hearts. As a family we are once again going to deliver baskets of goodies to many families in our city, with leaving a note saying "Happy Make a Difference Day."

If you can, please post on this blog or on Caleb's of what service that you and your family performed to help Make a Difference.

We cannot express ALL of our gratitude and appreciation for ALL your continued love, support, and prayers- of which we continue to be in need of.

Much Love to you all. May you feel the loving approval of the Lord smile upon you and your family as you help Make a Difference with us this year! And may you feel our sweet Caleb smiling upon you too.

=) Love The Mathison Family
Eric.Tanya.Liahona.Tamara.Montey. AND of course Caleb

If you can also be a part of this and share what you did I will pass it on to her sweet family. Thanks friends